Silent-Valley:-Mystery-Mansion--iOS-Review Silent Valley: Mystery Mansion iOS Review

   31/10/2013 at 19:53       Drew Bower       4 COMMENTS. - Score 3/5
 - G5 Entertainment, Vogat, Hidden Object, Adventure, Casual

Imagine the scene: You’ve just got married and jetted off on holiday for the honeymoon. At the hotel, the husband races ahead with the bags and then promptly disappears. What would the natural assumption be as to where he went? That’s right, he probably realised he has made a horrible, horrible mistake and taken refuge at the bar.

Unfortunately for poor Peter, this isn’t a Hilton they are staying or indeed even a Travel Lodge. Nope, the couple sensibly decided instead to take up the offer of two tickets to a mystery location from an unknown gift giver. What could possibly have gone wrong?

As it transpires, the landlady at the mansion is, well a bit evil to put things mildly and apparently enjoys the odd bit of kidnapping and potential murdering. Victoria - the bride - possibly sensing she might have problems claiming the insurance money so soon after getting married begins her investigation into the ghastly goings on.

Having played more than my fair share of these casual point ‘n click/hidden object adventure games, it’s safe to say that they control pretty similarly. Usually the inventory of useful items runs along the bottom of the screen, a hint button resides in a corner along with menus, etc which all works fine and dandy. On smaller screens the inventory bar can take up valuable screen real estate and so Vogat have decided to hide it behind a button. Unfortunately, the hint button is literally attached to it and so instead of being helpful, kind of becomes a hindrance when you accidentally catch the hint button for the umpteenth time.

The hotel mansion and the surrounding areas you explore are up to scratch with what you expect from the genre. There isn’t anything particularly special to see, but they are well drawn and remain nice and sharp when zooming in. This is a good job because you’ll spend plenty of time travelling backwards and forwards through them as you pick up items that are only part of a long chain to progress.

Without a doubt the stand out part of the game is the dark and spooky theme. From the numerous ghostly apparitions of the landlady’s previous victims, to finding an emancipated victim clinging on to life there are some pretty unsettling sights to encounter.

Throughout the story there are a scattering of puzzles and traditional hidden object scenes that help break up the constant wandering around. The puzzles are nicely presented but nothing really new or exciting. And that same statement can be used to sum up Silent Valley: Mystery Mansion as a whole. It’s certainly a level above some of the dross that clutters up the genre, but it doesn’t exactly offer anything special or exciting to make it stand out.

If you want something a bit spooky to play on Halloween, then go for it and have a couple of hours of decent entertainment.

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