Is-Fallout-4-on-the-way? Is Fallout 4 on the way?

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Eagle-eyed users over at Reddit have spotted that Bethesda, publisher (and developer) of Fallout since Fallout 3, has registered a new website domain name. Could Fallout 4 be on the cards?

The new domain name is Survivor2299, which could indicate the year the new game is set as well the name of the protagonist you'll be inhabiting in a new installment.

Also found was an mp3 file, which when played reads out a sequence of numbers - 12, 11, 13, 11, 12, 13.

Assuming that's the same date in both American and European date format, that could indicate a reveal on the 11th December. Bethesda games tend to be released about 2 years apart, and having a new Fallout game releasing next year would certainly fit that template, with Skyrim being released last year.

The last game to be released in the series was Fallout: New Vegas. It was developed by Obsidian using the same engine as Fallout 3 and took place in the notorious vice-ridden American city of Las Vegas. New Vegas introduced a Hardcore mode which added the need to eat, drink and sleep as well as generally upping the difficulty across the board. It was really very good, but suffered from a fair few bugs upon its release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Thankfully due to the wonders of patches and user modifications, many of those bugs on PC have since been eradicated resulting in an overall more stable game compared to the original version.

Fallout, of course, is set in a hypothetical future world where the optimism of the 50's never faded, but ended up resulting in World War III, leading to most of the earth being reduced to an irradiated Wasteland. Many humans survived after taking part in an experimental social project where they were sealed away in a series of Vaults, unwitting guinea pigs for a series of different scientific and psychological experiments. Those who remained above ground often succumbed to the radiation around them and became giant mutants or decomposed zombies, while much of the wildlife mutated into monstrous, aggressive forms. In the games you take the form of a survivor of a Vault, different in each game, leaving the safety of your home and venturing into the wide world. They're really quite fantastic, though you might be better ignoring the Playstation 2 game Brotherhood of Steel, which was more of an action-RPG in the vein of Diablo, and was a bit rubbish all round.

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