CastleStorm-DLC-Review--Outcast-to-Savior-and-The-Warrior-Queen CastleStorm DLC Review: Outcast to Savior and The Warrior Queen

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It’s not very often we review additional content here at AATG, but we really quite liked CastleStorm (Review Here), so were really quite happy to get our grubby mitts on two additional campaigns.

Before I delve into the additional content – a quick update on what CastleStorm is all about:  It’s a combination of physics-based projectile flinging, tower defence and side-scrolling combat. Most missions play out with you sending troops out onto the battlefield (RTS-style), with you actively supporting them with your trusty ballista, firing a range of ammunition at oncoming enemies and their castle.  It’s fast, frantic and lots of fun.

First up is From Outcast to Savior, which provides a continuation of the story from the main game. Casting you as Sir Gavin – the outcast son of Sir Gareth, the hero in the original two campaigns – you must fight through another 20 missions as you attempt to rescue the princess from the grips of those smelly Vikings.  This new content offers a full range of new weaponry and ground troops, although you are forced to start from scratch, having no ability to carry your seriously upgraded arsenal from the original campaigns into this new one. That said, the new options are all pretty decent and worth exploring, including a barrel of napalm and a triple cannon shot.

The other DLC campaign is The Warrior Queen, which is a Viking-orientated continuation focussed on Freia (the hot Viking woman from the main game), as she attempt to unite the Vikings.   It plays out very similarly to the other campaigns, with the story told through well crafted, humorous and brief cut scenes, as you progress through the 20 or so levels of the campaign.  The DLC provides a new range of projectile weapons and troops, which you can (and will) upgrade as you progress.

How much you’ll enjoy these additional campaigns very much depends on how much you enjoyed the original and want more of the same.  While each additional campaign is of a decent length, and maintain the quality of the original, neither really offer anything new or different from the core game.

That said, the difficult has definitely been stepped up a notch; in the original game, I breezed through most levels on ‘normal’ difficulty on the first attempt, but both DLC campaigns provided a much stiffer (and welcome) challenge forcing me to really think about my weapon selections and occasionally stepping down to ‘casual’ difficulty to keep me progressing.

So, if you’re clamouring for more well-crafted, entertaining content for CastleStorm, then you certainly won’t be disappointed with either From Outcast to Savior or The Warrior Queen.  However, if the core campaigns left you feeling a little cold and you’re searching for something which takes the gameplay in a different direction, then these two additional campaigns will still leave you wanting.

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