Lumines Live 360 The Full Story

   19/10/2006 at 18:30       Richard Horne       1 COMMENTS.
You would never have predicted that Lumines Live would turn into one of the most contentious game launches in recent times, with the furore in some circles even surpassing that of RockStar's imminent controversy courter Bully - though in fairness the only people kicking up a stink about that particular title don't know much about games in general or Canis Cadem Edit as it's now called.

So why such a furore then?

Well it's this business of the so called "micro-transaction" which Peej has already alluded to the evils of today.

When you splash out your 1200 points on Lumines Live (a price alone that incidentally puts it in joint first place with the also astronomically priced BankShot Billiards) you would think that for your initial purchase you be would getting the game in its entirety, but this is not the case.

As well as buying the basic game pack there are astonishingly a further 3 'upgrades' you'll need to buy in order to have the FULL game. Which I suppose makes it not so far from the truth to say that your first purchase only actually gets you a very healthy demo.

The three further packs are as follows:

The Advanced Pack: For 600 Points
The Mission / Puzzle Pack: 400 Points
The Versus CPU Pack: 300 Points

All of which will bring the price of the actual full game to 2500 marketplace points or £21.25 - and that's only including the announced addons. God only knows what other future 'upgrades' they have in store for us.
The game's creator, Q? Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi yesterday defended the pricing strategy putting an expected spin on proceedings by suggesting that the upgrades are more to allow you to tailor Lumines Live to your own individual preferences and requirements. Mizuguchi-san also explained that the other side of the coin was the requirement by Microsoft that all Live Arcade games be less than 64mb (i.e. able to be saved on a memory card for gamers who only bought the affectionately monikerd 'tard pack') which effectively meant the game had to split down into parts as there's no way a game of Lumines' size and quality (it is in full HD with 5.1 surround sound after all) could fit under 50MB.

"We have to include everything in 50MB...but that the other reason was the desire to let people customise Lumines. We want people to look at Lumines and, depending on the artist, or the season, or the music, we want to give them different reasons to consider buying the game,"

He also explained some of Q? Entertainment's potential future plans for the title, offering:

"Maybe there will be new ways that we erase the blocks in the future. Maybe we add different shapes or forms or colors; right now there are no limits or boundaries. Maybe users might give us new ideas. We're hoping to hear from users what they would like to see in future updates, in fact. They will help guide us to create new updates,"

All of which, and again as Peej forecast earlier, suggests a cynical future whereby for example using Mizuguchi's or is it really Microsoft's logic, we might see versions of Fifa or PES tailored to the individual's needs whereby you buy only the teams you want to play as. I shudder at the thought.
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