AATG Readers' Games: 50-26

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Oooh I could crush a grape! It's getting exciting now, we're breaking into the Top 50 and starting it off with an absolute classic RPG. There are seven games in here that I thought were genuine contenders for a Top 10 position and a couple of surprises as well (more on them later). So without further ado, I bring you numbers 50-26 in the 'AATG Top 100 games of all time'.


Chrono Trigger
Platforms: SNES/PS1
Developer: Square Enix
Released: 1995

Despite not being released in PAL territories I was expecting this to get much higher, even though I've never had the opportunity to play it myself.

Final Fantasy gets most of the credit for bringing the RPG genre to the masses, many fans think that Chrono Trigger surpasses anything that Final Fantasy has managed to deliver and was criminally denied a release in this country, depriving thousands of people of having the joy of playing one of the greatest games of all time.

Featuring over a dozen unique endings, the easiest way to get hold of Chrono Trigger is probably as part of the Final Fantasy Chronicles package.


Quake II
Platforms: PC
Developer: id Software
Released: 1997

Often thought of as the sequel to Quake (for obvious reasons), Quake II's only similarity was the fact that it was a first person shooter. The story, enemies, theme etc. were completely different and id didn't even want to use the name Quake, but all of their alternatives were already taken so they decided to stick with the working title. From a business point of view this wasn't a bad idea, as it would at least guarantee sales from those that were confused and thought that it was a direct sequel to the original Quake.

Quake II's longevity was assured when the modding community got hold of it and produced some superb mods which kept people fragging their friends for months. Some of the favourites at the time were Catch the Chicken, Jailbreak and Rocket Arena. This helped keep Quake II fresh for many months after its release and ensured that the game lived on longer than id probably ever expected it to.


Final Fantasy III/VI
Platforms: SNES/PS1
Developer: Square Co.
Released: 1994/1999

What a pleasant surprise that this finished above FFVIII and FFIX. Originally released on the SNES way back in 1994 and ported (poorly it has to be said) to the PS1 some 5 years later, its also seen a relatively recent release on the GBA, for which a review can be found here.

FFVI is still immensely enjoyable and has arguably aged better than FFVII, VIII & VIIII for those that didn't play and enjoy them "back in the day" due to its more simplistic look and feel. Although do stay away from the PS1 version with...its...excruciatingly...long...load...times.


Sega Rally
Platforms: Arcade/Saturn
Developer: AM5
Released: 1995

Even my wife likes this game, now that's saying something (and annoyingly she's really good at it as well!!).

The company my wife works for had a Christmas party two years ago and had this machine in the corner on free vend, winner stays on. I managed to stay on for nearly 90 minutes until my wife decided to have a go and overtook me on the last corner. Of course I blamed the fact that she hadn't been drinking, until someone reminded me that I don't drink either. Oh the shame!

The Saturn version was surprisingly a very good conversion of the Arcade original although it could never compete with sitting in the large leather chair, steering wheel in hand whilst everyone else crowded behind you.

As ThreeOutsideDown put it:
"from the choreographed opening sequence where the car jumps over the camera to the "game over ...yeah" sample, Sega Rally reaches levels of excellence other driving games can only dream of. Containing only three playable vehicles and four courses, the star of the show is the always convincing and very playable vehicle dynamics and handling model which ensures no two games are ever alike.


Streets of Rage 2
Platforms: Megadrive
Developer: SEGA-AM7
Released: 1993

What a classic! It may look like a simplistic side-scrolling beat-em-up to anyone that hasn't played it before but it has a hidden depth with the control scheme and the various ways with which you can despatch the many enemies.

The fact that it's still enjoyable nearly 15 years on is incredible, especially when the genre has all but disappeared entirely. All four characters offered a different challenge, the bosses were incredibly hard and the 2-player action was absolutely phenomenal.

It will soon be available for download from the Wii Virtual Console and as long as they keep the price realistic, it's well worth the purchase. It's one of those rare classic games that don't require rose-tinted spectacles to play today and that in itself, make's it very deserving of its place in the Top 50.


Platforms: XBOX360
Developer: From Software
Released: 2006

Colour me very surprised! I can't personally believe that this made it into the Top 100, yet alone in the Top 50. Is this really better than all of those games mentioned before or the countless others that deserved to get into the Top 100 but didn't make it? I don't think so and the gaming press would no doubt agree with me, with the response to Chromehounds so far being nothing better than mixed.

Eurogamer gave it 4/10, IGN gave it 6.9/10, Gamespot 7.9/10 and Famitsu 8.25/10 (why can't we just have whole numbers guys? What makes a game a 6.9 instead of a 6.8?). At the time our very own Peej gave this an 8 in his review of Chromehounds but then later commented that the dire net code might actually make for a re-review and him lowering the score to a 6.

The single-player mode is now infamously derided as being one of the worst experiences on the XBOX360 (second probably only to the constant meltdowns of the 360's themselves) but the multiplayer is a different story and, technical issues aside, seems to be one a lot of you thoroughly enjoy.

It must be, otherwise why would so many of you have voted for this? Drink? Drugs? Having a laugh at my expense? Whatever it was, Chromehounds is in your Top 50. Just don't expect it to be there in two years time!


Ninja Gaiden
Platforms: XBOX
Developer: Team Ninja
Released: 2004

Being the first release in the series for nine years, it was understandable that Ninja Gaiden fans were fairly sceptical about this. It was also understandable that commercially it didn't do overly well as with so little activity over the years, fans of the Ninja Gaiden series had moved on to different things. It didn't help that it had originally been intended as an arcade release, then a release for the Dreamcast, then and a launch title for the PS2 and finally an XBOX exclusive. It was no wonder gamers weren't holding up much hope.

But its commercial success aside, critically it did very well and those of us that did actually buy it bought one of the best games of its generation. It may have been bastard hard for some of you (I honestly can't see it myself, I died only a handful of times and made steady progress throughout the game and generally found the game perfectly balanced in terms of difficulty) but that didn't stop many enjoying it.

I'm looking forward to a sequel on the new consoles and seeing what they can do graphically with the new hardware as Ninja Gaiden was, and still is, one of the most gorgeous looking games available on any system.


Spider-Man 2
Platforms: XBOX/PS2/Gamecube
Developer: Treyarch
Released: 2004

/faints and falls on floor

I'm sorry, but what the hell is this? Sure it was a good superhero game and a decent movie licence but worthy of a place in the Top 100? Are you fecking mad!!!

Anyway it obviously is as you voted for it and two people even put this as their number one game (I know who you are, I'm never talking to you again!) and it even managed to get Eviltobz all worked up in a lather as he proclaimed:
It's all about the swinging. No game has captured what it means to be a superhero like this did. The skyscrapers of Manhattan are your playgrounds.

So apparently Eviltobz likes swinging. I wonder what Spider-Man is more proud of; appearing in AATG's Top 50 or having a burger meal named after him?


Prince of Persia - Sands of Time
Platforms: PS2/XBOX/Gamecube/PC
Developer: Ubisoft
Released: 2003

How many of you are now going "how did I forget this" then I wonder?

For me one of the greatest games of all time, with superb visuals, fantastic gameplay and the excellent 'Sands of Time' I was sure that this would finish much higher than it has.

The Prince had more agility and grace than a six stone Russian ballerina and before he got dark and angst ridden in the sequel, he made for an excellent lead character. Being able to make a mistake and then rewind time using the 'Sands of Time' to correct it, or die and then instantly come back to life was an absolute masterstroke of genius.

The fluid gameplay that married action, adventuring and puzzle solving superbly where others have failed really hasn't been bettered by anything since. The Prince still remains the best-animated character I've ever seen in a video game and quite how they got that level of detail out of the PS2 I will never know.

Receiving critical acclaim (an average score of 9.2 on Metacritic), POP: SOT still sold pretty badly and got discounted quickly, which means that you can now pick it up for under £10. For one of the best games of all time you've really got no excuse to not buy it if you haven't already tried it and shame on all of you that forgot to vote for it. Go on, off to the corner of the room you go!


Command & Conquer
Platforms: PC/Multi
Developer: WestWood Studios
Released: 1995

One of the most important games ever made. Without C&C would the real-time strategy genre have been so popular? Arguably not as what was once a fairly niche market was suddenly made cool.

This was another one of those games that caused loads of people (see blokes) to purchase a brand new machine just so they could run Command & Conquer.

I remember a man with his wife in tow coming into the shop I used to run, telling me that they needed a new PC as their old one wasn't powerful enough for their child to do his homework on anymore. "Do you play games?" I asked. "No", said the man looking at his wife "not really, mainly use it for homework and doing the accounts". I took them over to the selection of PC's I had and told them that the model at the lower end would do just fine, no need to spend hundreds of pounds extra if they weren't going to get the use out of it.

"Oh no", said the man, "I know my accounts package won't run on this...it needs something else...I can't remember what though...erm..." "Are you sure?" I asked, "What package is it?" "Oh, I err, can't remember. Hold on a minute...ah yes that's it...this is what it needs." He hands me the Command & Conquer box and points to nothing in particular whilst looking quite desperately at me..."This thing here, it needs one of those." "Oh okay, yeah, I see what you mean, certainly, well this machine over here comes with that and funnily enough actually comes with that game included in the price." "Fantastic, we'll take it."

Two days later, on the Monday, another bloke walks in with his wife just as we're about to close. "High, yeah, we'd like a new machine please. Our one just blew up, must have been a power-surge or something." "Oh right, okay, well if you'd like to follow me..." "Well actually, my brother bought one from here at the weekend and I have the same accounts package he uses so I need the same one." "Oh you mean the one with the free Command & Conquer game"..."err...yeah think so" (man fumbles with fingernails), "he said something about a free game yeah" (laughs nervously), "I don't really play them though." "Oh I can take it out if you want and knock a tenner off of the price." "Oh no, don't do that, I might as well have it, our little lad might like it, heh heh."

I bet he will sir, I bet he will!


Final Fantasy XII
Platforms: PS2
Developer: Square Enix
Released: 2007

The fourth Final Fantasy to enter the Top 100 and fully deserving of its place.

Even though it has been said by some that the gameplay isn't as good as some of the older ones, there's just as many claiming it to be the best game of the series thus far. Featuring amazing visuals, a strong story, some excellent character development and no random battles (a big "woohoo" to that one) this is one that currently sits in my "to play" pile alongside Okami and many other classics. Who needs the "next-gen" when there are so many fantastic games still to play on the last one?


Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
Platforms: Amiga/PC
Developer: Lucas Arts
Released: 1991

How the hell is this not in the Top 10? Are you all sitting there now shouting "Doh!" at the screen? Is it simply not as loved as it once was? I can't believe it's the latter, many of us have written many words of devotion to it on the forums and wish that Lucas Arts and the other powers that be would make it legal to play on other formats via emulation. So why did it feature at number 39?

I can only assume that it has slipped out of your minds. The luscious and detailed backdrops (for the day), the genuinely side-splitting humour, the perfectly paced story and the fiendishly difficult puzzles have all slipped your minds and been replaced with Spider-Man 2 and Chromehounds it seems! o_O

It's no wonder that the point-and-click adventure genre is dying though if you did genuinely forget to vote for one of its leading lights. Consider yourselves virtually slapped about the face with a wet fish!


Championship Manager
Platforms: Amiga/PC
Developer: Domark
Released: 1992

Otherwise known as "The divorcer". Allegedly responsible for many files for divorce across the UK, has any other game captured a man's heart like Championship Manager? If this Top 100 had been voted for by casual male gamers, I suspect that this would have been near or at the top of the list.

There have been so many versions and updates, from French leagues to Serie A and now it's under a completely different name altogether (Championship Manager is now Football Manager. There is a game called Championship Manager but it's shockingly bad and doesn't have the original development team working on it) but every version has managed to suck hours out of gamers lives like no other game before.

Memories of whole seasons being played in a single evening, gaining promotion in the final minute of the final game and turning over a 2-0 deficit in the Cup Final to come back and win 3-2 in extra time all come flooding back to me. As does spending hours on Internet forums searching for talent due to the inept scouts.

Some of the magic has undeniably been lost in recent years and it's surely no coincidence that the older Championship Manager games got more votes than their younger Football Manager siblings. If there was a data-update for Championship Manager 00/01 I'd still be playing it (and if there is one please point it out). As it is, I'm happy with the memories I have and the fact that my marriage survived it all!!


Manic Miner
Platforms: ZX Spectrum/C64/Amstrad CPC/BBC Micro
Developer: Bug-Byte/Software Projects (depending on platform)
Released: 1983

If it wasn't for Manic Miner, would we have the platform games that we have today? It's hard to tell, but it did pioneer the genre of platform games like no other game before it.

It's hard to play it today without rose-tinted spectacles (I'm sure I'll be made to pay for that comment) but you can still see why it was so popular at the time (have I redeemed myself???)

As Peej put it:
Manic Miner is just superb. I played it to death and it seemed like a game way ahead of its time back in the day.

Indeed it was my bald-headed friend, indeed it was.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Platforms: SNES/GBA
Developer: Nintendo
Released: 1992

Can I let you into a little secret...I don't actually like this game. No no don't shoot. Bam...aarrgghh...bastard!!! That hurt!

I never played it back in the day as Adventure games never interested me when I was a kid, but I tried it recently on the GBA and despite getting a fair way in (a walkthrough that I read later suggested that I was about ¾ of the way through) it never really clicked with me. Perhaps you had to be there to get the most out of it but coming in fresh, it just didn't float my boat. But, theboy argued that:
I chose LttP as my favourite all time game, because even when I played it the first time as a kid, I knew then what a really great game it was. And now over ten years later, it still feels fresh and exciting to play.

Perhaps it does. Perhaps it's just one of those games I just don't get (cough Phoenix Wright cough) but the fact that this didn't feature as high as I had anticipated may suggest that it is now starting to age and that other RPG's have started to leave it behind. Now please put that gun down as you're making me nervous. Please! Oh here, have an
extremely glowing review
of the GBA version to make up for it!


Platforms: Dreamcast/PS2
Developer: United Game Artists
Released: 2002

Erm...I didn't actually like this much either if I'm honest, but then I don't go overboard for on-rails shooters in general. That said, it's revered by its fans and fetches a healthy price on eBay for the original Dreamcast version (the PS2 version used to reach a high price but its recently dropped in value).

So rather than eulogise about a game that I didn't actually get that much enjoyment out of, let me spend a couple of minutes discussing the Trance Vibrator that came in special packs of the Japanese PS2 version. Yes you guessed it the Trance Vibrator was used as a sex toy by those crazy Japanese. I can imagine the scenes all over Japan; with the husband playing Rez whilst his wife urged him to shoot more of the enemies otherwise he wouldn't be getting any more sake that night.

Perhaps Rez has done more for female gamers than any other game in history!


World of Warcraft
Platforms: PC
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Released: 2005

There are now over 8.5 million players worldwide playing this MMORPG. There are also reports of many partners' worldwide taking shifts in order to progress through the game. It's THAT big.

I've never played an MMORPG through fear of becoming so addicted that I'd lose my job and grow a beard. But Olly has and he comments:
Its huge, never ending gameplay and life consuming. This game dominates the MMORPG market, and really defines the genre. The downside is you have to pay a monthly subscription, but it's definitely worth it. You can interact with anyone playing the game, complete quests together, hunt together, trade and even fight each other. When crafting your own character the possibilities are endless, everything from Orcs, Witches, Druids, Taurens, Men, Elves and many more, all with endless varieties in their own classes. It is the biggest game ever.


Final Fantasy X
Platforms: PS2
Developer: Square Enix
Released: 2002

For me FFX is the pinnacle of the series. I know others will disagree but I'm the one that's holding the mic so pipe down, no one can hear you!

Mixing absolutely jaw-dropping visuals (well the CGI sequences anyway) with an in-depth turn-based combat system, a thoroughly enjoyable mini-game (Blitzball), perfectly pitched difficulty level, an ideal length (approx 55-60 hours) and easy enough for newcomers to the genre to get into (which is exactly what I was when I played this) its really got it all. Yes the story is more than a little clichéd and angst-ridden, yes its all been done before and yes the sphere system, whilst adding depth, was a complete pain in the arse to work out and a little linear.

But nothing can replace the first time I summoned an Aeon (Phoenix) and watched the amazing summoning sequence and then watched it wipe out the opposition in one glorious attack. FFX single-handedly got me interested in turn-based RPG's, a genre I'd always shied away from before, and for that I'll forever be thankful. This also made me open my eyes to all the other genre's I'd often overlooked and I've played so many other great games as a result.

Readers of Famitsu magazine in 2006 voted Final Fantasy X the best game of all time and IGN readers voted it 3rd best Playstation 2 game of all time in 2007. The Famitsu award especially is a hell of an achievement and one that's not earned easily.


Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Platforms: Megadrive
Developer: SEGA
Released: 1992

The game that introduced Tails to the world. Arguably the greatest Sonic game of all time (or perhaps not even arguably, it's the highest ranking Sonic title in the Top 100) the two-player split-screen action was a real highlight at the time.

The levels had been expanded greatly over the original Sonic, allowing for more exploration, but as a result many of the stages were cut down to two levels instead of three. You could also tackle the game as either Sonic or Tails.

It was also notably harder, with the game even quicker than the original and some devious laid out traps to catch the people trying to race through the level at breakneck speed.

Sonic 2 is now available with Sonic as part of the Sonic Mega Collection and the SEGA Megadrive collection and can still be purchased very cheaply for the Megadrive.


Shadow of the Colossus
Platforms: PS2
Developer: Team ICO
Released: 2006

Straight over to Dr. Haggard for his view:
Mesmerising, beautiful and moving. At once a triumph of interactive storytelling and the antithesis of the dialogue-heavy RPG, Shadow of the Colossus belongs to no genre and has no peers. It's a work of art so compelling and so mature that the term 'game' is inappropriate. It also made me cry, which is new.

You can't really argue with that statement can you and its true that SOTC is hard to place in any genre. It has been received well by gaming critics, receiving a 9.7 on IGN, a 10/10 on Eurogamer and a 9/10 from our very own Peej. The visuals are amazing (despite some frame-rate and camera issues) and the musical score is quite possibly the best part of the game (which says a lot about the quality of the audio).

It may not be as "fun" as lots of other games out there, but as a package it has it all and is fully deserving of such a high place in our Top 100.


Platforms: Dreamcast
Developer: SEGA-AM2
Released: 2000

Has a game ever divided the gaming masses like Shenmue? Whilst half of the gaming world seem to proclaim it to be one of the best games ever, the other half laugh in their face at the thought of it.

What Shenmue does well it does very well and it was certainly ahead of its time in some departments. Featuring its own dynamic weather system, every time you play the game and every day in the game has its own weather conditions randomly generated. Not only they can change throughout the course of the day, as morning showers can turn into an overcast afternoon and then a downpour in the evening.

The gameplay was also incredibly diverse. While walking around the atmospheric, life-like locations, talking to people along the way and solving puzzles makes up the main part of the game, there are also many mini-games to break things up. Forklifts, motorbike races, chases down alleyways, darts, snooker and even bar fights break up the main quest. There are even full versions of two of SEGA's most loved games, Space Harrier and Hang-On.

The QTE (Quick Timer Event) also kept gamers on their toes, with a button combination quickly flashing on the screen when you least expected it. It's fairly common in games such as Resident Evil 4 and Fahrenheit but back in 2000 and in particular in a game of this ilk, it felt very fresh.

In fact dissusedgenius voted Shenmue as his number one game because:
Because the f***er gave me sodding withdrawal symptoms upon completion

But alongside the many plus-points were the negatives and for some, these outweighed the good that Shenmue did.

The pace of the game was what turned many people off of Shenmue. Whilst all of the above sounds great on paper, it took a long time to actually get to those sequences, quite a number of hours in fact. Some critics argued that by the time most people reached the good bits, they'd have had to sit through hours upon hours of boredom to get there and they didn't think people would stick with it. It could have been paced better that's for sure and for $20,000,000 (the amount this game is meant to have cost according to the Guinness Book of Records) you would have thought they could have got that right.

But for those that did stick with it they found a deeply rewarding game that rightfully deserved a place amongst the greats.


Golden Axe
Platforms: Arcade/Megadrive/Amiga/+ others
Developer: SEGA
Released: 1989

Despite being nearly 20 years old this game has aged better than Claudio Schiffer and actually featured in the Top 10 during the first week of voting.

The arcade version was the favourite by a clear margin, but the Amiga and Megadrive ports also did the arcade original justice. The Megadrive's graphics took a bit of a hit but it added two extra levels and two extra modes which fans thought more than made up for the loss. The Amiga version though was much closer to the arcade in terms of visuals and gameplay and is quite possibly the best port of the game.

Each of the three characters on offer had different abilities (the male Warrior was the all-rounder, the Dwarf was great for physical attacks and the female Warrior best at magical attacks) and the game was worth playing through as each character.

The two-player mode was up there with Double Dragon in terms of multiplayer arcade fun and both of you mounting bizarrians (the creatures that the enemies rode until you knocked them off), running around the levels breathing fire at the enemies was a site never before seen in the arcades.

While I was compiling the list and saw Golden Axe mentioned so many times it brought back so many memories that I went out and managed to find the Megadrive version for a couple of quid. Now I just have to finish this so I've actually got time to play it!


Sensible Soccer/Sensible World of Soccer
Platforms: Amiga/+ others
Developer: Sensible Software
Released: 1992

This was the game that finally knocked Rainbow Islands off the top of the Amiga Power's 'All Time Top 100' list and started many rows in playgrounds across the country as to which was the better, Sensible Soccer or Kick Off. Whilst I was always an admirer of Kick Off, Sensible Soccer has aged much better and is still fun today in a post pub "I can't cope with too many buttons" kind of way.

It only needed one button to pass, shoot and tackle and the excessive amount of after touch you could apply to the ball created some absolutely stunning and often hilarious goals.

The AI was fairly cheap and there were numerous spots you could almost always guarantee a goal from, but multiplayer games eradicated many of these issues and made for some tight, fast paced games that are completely different to anything that you will experience in the modern day football games.

Sensible Soccer got a remake in 2006 for the PS2 and was released to coincide with the World Cup. Did I say released? Sorry I meant rushed, as it was an absolute abomination of a game. Featuring goalkeepers that teleported all the way across the goal to stop a shot, only to then let a back pass trickle beside them a few seconds later and many other bugs, the game bombed with the critics, apart from Eurogamer who strangely gave it a 9/10 which the vast majority of the people in the comments section could never work out.

I played it with three mates for half an hour, the same three mates I played Sensible Soccer with as a kid and we couldn't take it any longer and instead dug out the original (well Sensible World of Soccer to be precise) and played the that instead. Although that doesn't necessarily say as much about the original as it does the god-awful bilge Codemasters released last year.


Grand Theft Auto III
Platforms: PS2/XBOX/PC
Developer: DMA Design/Rockstar
Released: 2001

The series that's courted more controversy than most mass-murderers gains an entry at number 27 in our 'Top 100'.

The open-ended gameplay and sandbox environment has gained critical acclaim from both industry experts and gamers and is one of the best selling franchises ever.

As Olly put it:
It revitalised the GTA series and reformed it. Probably the most important Playstation 2 game, it remained exclusive for years and this game alone shifted millions of consoles. You could steal cars, evade police chases, shoot down helicopters, steal boats, race in the streets and be the most wanted man in America. It was endless fun, with brilliant stories and spot on voice acting. This game paved the way for similar games like Saints Row, True Crime , the getaway and many others, but GTA remains the best of the lot.


Tomb Raider
Platforms: PS1/PC
Developer: Core Design
Released: 1996

Oh Lara, how you're polygons have excited many a men over the years.

What more can you say about Tomb Raider that hasn't been said before? I could bring attention to the lead character being a female for a change, which undeniably helped Tomb Raider reach a wider audience than a male character ever would have. I could highlight how refreshingly different this was back in the day and how amazing it looked with an almost cinematic gameplay experience. I could also mention how I very nearly sharted the first time I encountered the dinosaur and had to check just to make sure I hadn't (although I won't, as that would be far too embarrassing). But you know all of that already (well not the sharting bit obviously).

What some of you might not know is that there is an Anniversary edition due to be released on June 5th which so far is looking like it will do the original justice. More of a rework than a new game, more information can be found at Eurogamer

Are you getting any closer to working out what game has taken the number one spot? Has your favourite already featured?

I can tell you now that some of the games you might be thinking have taken the number one crown will be in tomorrows list. At the start of all of this, I short-listed the games that I felt had a chance of reaching the number one spot. After short-listing sixteen games only five of those made it into the Top 10. So prepared to be surprised and for some more controversy tomorrow as I unveil the games featuring 25-11 in the 'AATG Top 100 games of all time'.

AATG Readers' Games: 10-1
AATG Readers' Games: 25-11
AATG Readers' Games: 50-26
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