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Remember the fad for CD ROM video adventures in the early 90s?

Ever wondered why those games fell out of favour? Wonder no more because it looks like the iPhone / iPod Touch has become the new home for the genre. New game Hysteria Project puts you in the shoes of a central character whose very life hangs on each decision you encounter in the game's multi-choice twisty turny plot.

The first episode is on offer for 1.19 on the apps store (link) and is quite nicely presented with decent quality video (naturally) and great sound production. The plot for this first episode might be riddled with horror film cliches but I'd love to see more of this sort of thing.


PC classic "Build a lot" is next up for conversion to your fingerprint-smeared gadget of choice. With simple approachable controls and a lot less faffing around than Sim City or iTrain, Build a Lot is a cool little property development title with the emphasis on making a shitload of cash out of your chosen property lot. Buy, sell, speculate to accumulate. It might sound a bit boring but it's very easy to pick up and play and offers a fair amount of long term challenge with frequent updates promised by the developers. Bit on the pricey side at 3.49 though.


Wrapping up this week's pre-easter store grab is news that Chillingo will be bringing freeware classic Toki Tori to the iPhone / iPod Touch. It's a cute chick-based platformer with some sumptuous graphics and more than a hint of puzzling scattered throughout its levels. The platform's a bit starved of...well, platformers - so this should prove to be a popular release.


On the dung heap this week

I thought I'd expand this feature a little by offering up apps and games that should be avoided at all costs, not being worth the meagre sum that's being demanded for them.

This week's dung-heap titles are:

Alien Abuse - Atrocious controls, rubbish sub-Amiga-quality graphics and dull level design.

TouchSports Tennis - Despite being featured in the Apple iPod ads at the moment, this is a really slow and really bloody annoying tennis sim that offers little or no sense that you're in control of your shots. It's touch-driven but really could've benefitted from better controls, more variety and a peppier graphics engine.

Galaga Remix - Namco continue to take the piss with their game pricing on the iTunes store, charging 3.49 for a pretty naff and limited version of Galaga. Even as a long term fan of the series, I can't recommend it at all. Controls are sluggish, graphics are annoyingly cute in places, and they didn't even bother to slip in Galaga 90 as a bonus. Twonks!

Big Fun Racing - It's neither big nor fun. Despite being physx-based, it's pretty dire. Graphics are terrible, presentation is awful and it has some of the most annoying spot-effects I've ever seen in a touch game. Avoid.
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