Asian Teen Offers Nude Pictures Of Herself In Exchange For Virtual Items

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Source - AsiaOne
Ling Er, aged 18 from Singapore, is a big fan of Pet Society, one of those newfangled "social" games featured on the likes of Facebook and Myspace. The game allows players to create a pet, buy it items and test its skills against the pets of others. But she just can't get enough of those virtual items for her online pet - so she's come up with a novel plan.

Ling exchanges naked pictures of herself for virtual items.

One blogger/Facebook user/dude on the Interweb said: "she has taken games addiction and online barter to a new low."

The youngster set up a Facebook group called "My birthday suit contest" in order to encourage fellow players to trade their pet items for a piece of her modesty. Already the group has 133 members.

Ling wants the most valuable items available in Pet Society, so the senders of the five most valuable gifts (the deadline is the 1st of May) will receive pictures of her unclothed teen body in return.

Says Ling: 'I will send you guys pics of me in my birthday suit that I was born with.'

"I like the thrill and I want more gifts,' she said.

Current gifts she has received include a virtual lamp, guitar and bath tub.
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