Lesbians discuss homophobia in World of Warcraft

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Source - AfterEllen.com
Internet lesbians have been chewing over the issue of homophobia in gaming, after one lesbian encountered hostility on World of Warcraft.

"Tonight, I joined a guild," said lesbian Val, "and I should've guessed right away when I asked 'is this guild LGBT friendly?' and they responded 'lgbt?' I knew it was a write off. But instead I clarified, and asked if it was Gay/Lesbian friendly, and the person who added me into the guild said 'Why? wut? u gay or lesbian?'"

She was eventually told: 'plz leave. I'm sry but you can't be a member.'

None For MultiformatFellow lesbian Mori reckoned that World of Warcraft was "like society in general," with some people who are nice to lesbians, and some who aren't. "My guild doesn't care," she explained. "Some people use 'gay' in the increasingly common way as signifying something bad/annoying, but I've never heard a single person say anything negative about anyone being gay." Though she's come across some homophobic behaviour, she noted, "that's what reporting to the game masters is for."

A lesbian by the name of Caffinated (who plays as a rogue night elf) wondered "why do you need to tell them, though? I play on any game/server on a don't ask, don't tell basis. It just invites unwanted attention."

None For MultiformatLieutKusa agreed that "I don't think you HAVE to tell them off the bat. It's like you don't go on and say, 'I'm female.' You will always have people that assume you are male even if you are a female character. Until they ask, you can tell them or if it comes up in a certain situation, let them know."

She explained that homophobic behaviour mainly comes from "immature little kids or teens who feel they can still say nasty things just to get on people's nerves."

"Just today," she said, "I asked randomly in /General chat where was a certain NPC and he replied 'in my pants'"

None For MultiformatTaszu, a "long time raider," who has "raided since molten core days" and continues to raid with her girlfriend, said "raiders in WOW for the most part respect you if you know what you're doing and come prepared - they don't care what race/gender/orientation you are."

She hasn't had so much luck on PVP servers, though: "We moved to a PVP server for a while and that was unpleasant just due to the maturity level of most people." She claims it was "particularly annoying due to constant lowbie ganking and t-bagging."

How have your online experiences compared? Is the online gaming world homophobic? Should lesbians come out straight away, or should there be a "don't ask, don't tell" policy? Have your say below!

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