Babe Of The Month - Sniper Wolf

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Sniper Wolf is FOXHOUND's sexiest and deadliest marksman. Though she was born a Kurd, her flowing blonde hair and deep blue eyes betray her Aryan heritage. Though Wolf may be her codename, if you ever heard her speak, you'd swear she purrs like a pussycat.

Wolf was born and raised on the battlefield, where gunfire, sirens and screams were her lullabies. Every morning she'd wake up and find a few more of her family or friends dead beside her. She'd stare at the morning sun and pray to make it through the day. There was no solace to be found with the governments of the world, who turned a blind eye to her misery. But then Big Boss took her away from all that, and turned her into a strong, sexy soldier.

She soon became a sniper, which allowed her to watch war from the outside, as an observer. Through the scope of her phallic rifle she watched and learned the stupidy of humanity. When she had about as much as she could take, she joined FOXHOUND, to gain revenge on the world.

Snipers usually work in pairs, but Wolf is solitary and works alone. She can wait for hours, days, or weeks - it doesn't matter to her. All the while she can go without eating or even moving. She uses the Heckler & Koch PSG-1, with mercury coated bullets, to poison her victims. But despite her strict discipline, she has a few naughty vices - it is alleged that she is addicted to muscle relaxants and anxiolytics.

According to Sniper Wolf, women naturally make better soldiers, and two thirds of the world's best assassins are women. We don't know if that's true, but we certainly wouldn't want to find ourselves caught in her cross-hairs!

Hideo Kojima originally wanted Wolf to be a man, but thankfully art director Yoji Shinkawa said "Hmm, what do you think about a young lady with a sniper rifle?" to which Kojima responded "Oh, great, let's do that." And the rest was history. To this day Wolf is one of the most popular series females among the Metal Gear team. She is also a favourite of Snake voice actor David Hayter.

And, of course, Christopher Randolph, voice of Otacon, loves her, and not just because Otacon has a crush on her in the game! Randolph likes that she's a "sexy Russian assassin," and loves that she has an un-articulated psychic connection with her dogs. He called her "sexy and wonderful... an amazingly cool character and certainly one of my favourites."

She's one of our favourites, too, Otacon!

Metal Gear Solid returns to your console this June as it hits the PlayStation Network. Thanks to The Sexy Beast and Sniper Wolf Fan Club.
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