Champions Online Beta Key Winners Announced

   07/08/2009 at 16:35       Phil May       12 COMMENTS.
Thanks to Atari, we've given our 20 Champions Online beta codes to the lucky winners of our competition!

The massive multiplayer online game soars into the sky giving you the chance to become a superhero, customise your character and take part in various crime-fighting escapades. Developed by Cryptic Studios, the team behind City of Heroes / Villains, Champions Online will be action-oriented and virtually HUD-less, allowing the player to concentrate on the action. Other non-combat skills can be developed and utilised to aid your quest. The game is due to ship in late september.

Cryptic Studios / Atari have changed their beta schedule so successful competition winners will be emailed TODAY with their beta codes. If you've won, you should be hearing from us soon. The competition had a huge response with some fantastic entries and amongst those, our winners are:

Tobz, Shivoa, Captain Dogtoffee, SteveK, Ryan, Mothdust, Yarin, Teodors, Shaun Smith, Evan Kochuk, Scott Holmes, Felix Becker, SW Landry, Sebby Catelin, Ward Van Der Eist, Jon G, Logand, H North, Joe Doe and Jerry En. The competition is now closed but congratulations to our winners and commiserations to those of you who weren't successfully drawn.

Keep coming back to the site to check out further developments on Champions Online and hopefully some first impressions from our intrepid testers. Thanks for entering, you rock!

Due to popular demand, here's a selection of the winning entries:

Logan Stevenson wrote:
//Transmission// //.Start// //H.U.D. Communications Active// //Now receiving...// Dear Phil, I want to be a superhero because, well to be quite honest much other jobs don't really fit the bill Phil! I mean once your arms and other vitals are taken from you in a horrible smoothie making accident and they are all replaced with high tech cybernetics by your own secret ultra-advanced medical repair bots in your basement, well there isn't much of an option! I mean I'm having more trouble than that Bionic Commando™ character at finding a suitable day job! I can't answer the phone without crushing it and I type out four keys at a time with these fingers made of titanium-adamantium alloy and even then the keyboard cracks in half anyways.(I am currently using my built-in H.U.D. communications array, which, unfortunately, the software to make it compatible with any modern O.S. would take up 1337 TBs!) Well sure I could play maybe Football or Baseball or something but I don't want an asterisk! That means my records didn't even mean anything! So you see Phil, I am quite desperate here, I am collecting debt and I am running out of options... I promise you I look stunning in tights! Yours Truly, L. Stevenson P.S. Should I have used an alias in case I do become a superhero? oh well I think abbreviating my first name will suffice... up arrow up arrow...backspace backspace backspace... Ok I think we're good to go Phil! Thank you for your time!

Joe Doe wrote:

I need somewhere to store my collection of giant mementos.

S.W Landry wrote:

I want to be a superhero because I'm tired of I'm tired of getting my towel caught in the door of my moms minivan that currently doubles as my super secret head quarters....but now that you know that I must erase your memory -faswooosh-

Sebby Catelin wrote:

I want to be a superhero because Spandex is in this season!

Felix Becker wrote:

...who does not? ...they are the coolest bunch of people in the universe. of heroes was far more cool than other MMOs ...I want to play with a friend of mine, who already got his betakey!

...and there were many many more, our prize selecting top hat was full to brimming!
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