Modern Warfare 2 - Cheaters Abusing Tactical Insertion

   05/12/2009 at 12:46       Richard Horne       4 COMMENTS.
 - Modern Warfare 2, Glitch, Cheaters, Kill Streak, Tactical Insertion
After the recent furore surrounding the revelation of the Javelin/Semtex Grenade glitch in Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it's unfortunate that another exploit has reared its ugly head.

It's possible for two cohorting players to use the Tactical Insertion perk to stragically respawn themselves in a quiet area of the map - away from the action. Player one then lets player two knife them to death time after time until player two gets a 25 kill streak and launches the tactical nuke to end the game.

This just happened to me in a FreeForAll match, which in theory matches random players against each other, thus reducing the chances of this happening. However, with the winning player ending the game on 37/0, the player in last place ending the round 0/27 and with both players having the same xSGx clan tag, eyebrows have to be raised.

I can't quite see how Infinity Ward can prevents players abusing this exploit but needless to say, if it happens to you, be sure to file a complaint against the offending players.
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