ABC Alphabet Soup mini review (now updated with in-game footage)

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I'm pretty sure that Alphabetti Spaghetti was banned at our school or at least on the rare occasions it was served, all the Fs and Cs were taken out to make sure impressionable little scrotes didn't make rude words out of their lunch.

ABC Alphabet Soup brings a neat little presentation twist to the iPhone word game genre, by giving you a rich tasty broth filled with pasta letters. You're given a selection of blank word spaces, and it's up to you to use your mix of tasty tomatoey letters to fill the word spaces up with as many words as possible. Get the lot and you win the level, the game and the undying love of Sir Charles Thackeray-Newman.

ABC Alphabet Soup would suit younger players thanks to its attractive and colourful design, but that's not to say that older wordsmiths won't find plenty to get their teeth into. Like newspaper word puzzles, the selection of letters you're given can actually make one long word if you're smart enough to figure it out, the real challenge comes in trying to work out what all the missing words are that you can make from your letter selection, without resorting to the game's hint system to cheat a little.

Hints will fill in some of the blanks on your napkin-based word grid, helping you to figure out what you're missing (range from 3 to 6 letters in length).

Tapping and dragging your soupy letters into place on the side of your bowl is extremely satisfying, and the game's extremely cute and a nice change from the usual stale and boring wordgame setups.

The full version offers more words to find and more variety but the free version's pretty good too so definitely try before you buy. As it stands though, ABC Alphabet Soup is a neat little touch game and a tasty recipe for commuting fun.

Thanks to Rodrigo, developer of ABC Alphabet Soup for this YouTube Footage of the game: ABC Alphabet Soup in action

Lite Non fat Diet Version (Free)

Full Fat Lardy Version (59p)
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