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My poor little 2G iPod Touch hasn't had a lot of gaming love recently. Though it seems like the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad games market is becoming increasingly more fractured and geared towards the all singing all dancing retina display IOS4-only stuff, it’s good to know that there are still developers out there producing fantastic little games that work perfectly well on older i-platforms.

I still trawl the release date lists and Genius recommendations hoping for a few timely gems to appear.

One such gem is Cat Physics, which was suggested by Genius. Spotting it at the daft-as-heck price of 59p, it looked like something daft and quirky enough to warrant my attention. Basically you might have seen the core gameplay before in a brace of iPhone titles, but the presentation (and the fact that it features cats, of course) lifts this cool little puzzler above the norm.

Cat Physics more or less does exactly what it says on the tin. Splicing cats together with physics, each puzzle urges you to get a ball from one part of the screen to another. Placing various obstacles and triggers in the path of the ball to try and alter its trajectory is the essence of what you do, but the trick to the game is to do so in the least number of moves. Every time you nudge a device or move something around, or trigger your cat to fling its ball (matron) at its counterpart, you use up a move. With sublime presentation and exactly the right sort of gameplay to suit the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad, it's a ridiculously cheap and cute little puzzler that has a ton of levels to keep your brain busy.

It's currently doing the rounds for 59p still, so if you've gone through stuff like Finger Physics and are bored of match-3 or slide puzzlers, this is worth looking into.

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peej - on 28/09/2010 at 18:27 wrote:
Eep, I'm losing it, I covered this before with an announcement ages ago. Wasn't a review though...

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