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Armor games have quietly been beavering away, becoming legends in their own lunchtime producing superb little Flash games on PC. Now the iPhone and iPod Touch are getting a taste of the action with some of their best titles being converted and sold on the iTunes Apps Store.

Crush the Castle was previously available for free from various neat little flash game websites, and when I first discovered it I remember wishing stuff like this would find its way to the iPhone / iPod Touch. Lo and behold, a few months later Crush the Castle is now available in full fat and lite versions, and it's a superb version of the game.

The setup is quite simple. You're in charge of a trebuchet, and must smash down a castle. Simple idea, but with the game's realistic physics and the chaotic nature of trying to control parabolic arcs and unpredictable gravitic destruction, the game's deliciously satisfying to play.

Each level of the game presents a different castle layout, with accompanying knights, kings, queens and princes all hiding out in their armoured stronghold. Your job is to squish them flat, dropping huge chunks of masonry and roofing on their heads. I know, they reckon videogames are a terrible influence but just imagine for a moment they're all rich bankers who've been given gigantic pensions and Christmas bonuses and it'll make it all feel a lot less icky.

Castle Crushers on the iPhone / iPod Touch has quite finely tuned controls, replacing the usual mouse dragging - and though you're effectively playing on a tiddly screen, it's still quite challenging to release your rocks, fireballs and boiling oil with just the right impetus to bring the whole thing crashing down.

Puzzle addicts who've already played the hind legs off games like Bloons will automatically find plenty of excellent gameplay here, and those who've always secretly been annoyed at Apple's lack of support for Flash games might find it irritating that you now have to pay £1.19 for the full version - but if you directly compare it with other puzzle offerings on the iTunes Apps store, it certainly isn't terrible value and runs well enough on my 2G iPod Touch to give me exactly what I'd wished for all those months ago.

The only caveat with the whole thing is that it's probably wise to completely delete the lite version if you've any intention of buying the full version, because there seem to be issues with upgrading from lite to full from within the game - but Armor Games are patching and updating so hopefully the bugs will be ironed out by the time you read this.

Crush the Castle Free Version

Crush the Castle £1.19 Full Version

Original PC Flash version for Skinflints

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