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   21/12/2018 at 17:10       Chris OToole       0 COMMENTS. - Score 4/5
 - PS4, Xbox One, PC, Metroid, Dark Souls

After six long years and numerous ups and downs on the development side of things Darksiders 3 is finally here, it's an almost Christmas miracle! I've always loved this series, with its great character and world design, so for me personally it has been quite the long wait. Where Darksiders got it's inspiration from Zelda and the sequel morphed into a God of War actioner with loot tumbling from every which orifice, Darksiders  3 has taken inspiration from the gaming marmite that calls itself Dark Souls. This displeased me when I started playing, I'm bloody terrible at Dark Souls.

Taking place mostly during events of the first game (it does push the narrative later on, but don't expect any great revelations, story fans) you play the role of Fury, the Horse(wo)man tasked by the scary lava heads of the charred council to track down the seven deadly sins, who are getting up to all manner of naughtiness down on earth. So off you pop to clean up the mess. 

Characters design has always been a strong point for the Darksiders series, and it's certainly no slouch here, although at this point it feels like the world itself could do with a little re-jigging as some of the hubs have a seen it all before feel. Another disappointment for me was the that the frame rate could wobble a bit, which was a surprise seeing at it was only aiming for 30fps. I have a One X damn it, gimme 60fps options please!

Fortunately these issues are offset by a game that is a ton of fun, even for the the Dark Souls naysayers like myself. Combat is a lot less button mashy and frentic than the first two games in the series, you have to dodge and counter attack if you are to get anywhere, even the lesser whip fodder can mess you up real good if you're not careful.

The bosses are wonderful creations, and your HUD shows their locations, how you get to them is up to you, making the overworld feel like one huge dungeon which opens up as you collect hollows, these consist of a new weapon, method of traversal and some hair dye for extra sassiness. As you head further into Darksiders 3 it's grip seems to tighten, the environments get more beautiful, the levelling grind of soul collecting becomes ever more addictive and it genuinely becomes a lot of fun.

Darksiders 3 is a genuinely good video game, it knows what it wants to be and has no qualms about it, this isn't Red Dead Redemption in terms of prose, but it is a cracking butt kicker with more than a dash of Metroid magic and gorgeous visual flair. Buy this and keep your fingers crossed we'll get to meet the final Horseman in the next game.

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Looks who's back. Shady's back.
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Micro Machines was my favourite!
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