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This week I had the chance to interview indie developer Hypersloth about their upcoming game Dream.

I was lucky enough to spend a good amount of time talking to them and we managed to cover an awful lot of ground: Everything from Dream and their experience making it, to the wider games industry, their hopes for the future, Oculus Rift, their thoughts on game design and the next-gen consoles.


"Obviously one thing that we have to make sure of is that the quality stands with the quantity"

In fact, we covered so much ground that I've decided to split the interview up into separate articles. I hope to have the first part of the interview published tomorrow to kick off your weekend reading.

I have to say that I had a great time chatting with Sam Read, one of the designers on the game; something that I hope you'll see comes through in the final piece. Sam's a great guy (as they all are over there), filled with enthusiasm and a love of games that really comes through in the interview. I hope you'll all agree when it goes live on the site.


"The new Playstation controller was nice, but I was a little bit disappointed, to be honest."


In the meantime, if you haven't heard of Dream, then shame on you! It's shaping up to be an excellent game and they've recently added support for the Oculus Rift headset as well as other new VR interfaces (not currently featured in the Early Access version). You can grab Dream on Steam Early Access now. The finished product is some time off yet and won't be released until the latter half of next year, but it's already looking like a very polished product from the content that is available and it's been turning plenty of heads among players and the press alike.


"I think the last game I put about 50 or so hours into would probably be DotA 2".

We hope you visit us tomorrow to check out the first part. Until then, here's a trailer to give you an idea about the game and what's it about:

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