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Review by Dean Davis.


Frostpunk is the new game by 11-bit studios the creators behind This War of Mine. It aims to bring the harsh choice making scenarios and survival aspects from This War of Mine to the city building genre. The game is set in 1886 the single greatest year in living human history as it was in that year that Arsenal Football Club were formed (u wot m8? Ed.)…

Also, the weather started to go a bit mental.

Set in an alternative timeline where continual snowstorms and frost fall have led to a frozen, almost uninhabitable world. The government has placed steam powered generators away to the frozen north far from the major cities in preparation of the mass exodus of people trying to escape the blight. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that many souls made it that far and upon arriving at the generator site you are greeted by a vast empty hollow and tasked with building a steam powered city for your citizens to survive the long winter and rebuild civilisation anew.  

At the centre of this hollow stands the steam powered generator, the lifeblood of your city. You meticulously build your city around this central structure, and as the only source of heat in the early game at least, this means building in circles gradually working outwards from the generator. As you unlock new technologies and buildings you can extend the heat coverage to a much wider range allowing you to be a bit more creative in spacing your city out a bit.

Aesthetically, the game looks glorious.

The contrast of the grimy industrial factories billowing smoke to the backdrop of pristine white snow really pops off of the screen as the surrounding ice walls cast big ominous shadows over your city as the sun sets and rises each day. The frosting effect in the corners of the screen is also a nice little touch that helps immersion, the only gripe that I have is that I wish that I could zoom in a little closer, the animations of your little citizens blazing paths through the snow is so well done and looks so good that it’s a shame that you can’t zoom in further to get an even closer look at the details.

Making tough decisions is at the heart of what this game is and sometimes the choices are horrendous, you can set out with all the best intentions in the world but there is always a spanner in the works just around the corner. My first law enacted was ‘safe’ child labour, I genuinely didn’t want to do it but to take the moral high ground could’ve been completely ruinous. From then on the harsh realities of surviving impending extinction just snowballed.

It got out of control pretty quickly, I built a fighting pit in between a soup kitchen and a medical post, I passed a bill to amputate the gravely sick because I needed the space in my medical outpost for people that could actually be treated and ultimately put back to work. The children were now doing any work that needed to be done dangerous or otherwise and we were all pretty much living in the Thunderdome… It went so very wrong! 

Away from the city building and gut-wrenching decision making you get to assemble teams to go out into the world and explore the local surroundings (just as in This War of Mine) through this not only do you get resources and find survivors but you also get nice little stories that hint at what the world has become, why the weather has become so catastrophic and what research was going into all of this before civilisation collapsed.

The tutorial could be a bit better or at least completely available from the start, information is drip fed to you as and when you engage with mechanics and because of this I ended up making decisions that I otherwise wouldn’t have. Frostpunk is a game where you learn through failure or general inefficiency and that leans on you to start again with renewed knowledge and a better understanding of the systems and mechanics at play and how you will eventually fit everything together in a way that makes sense while making much more logical decisions at the start.

All in I think Frostpunk is a pretty fantastic strategy game with a lot of replay ability, especially with the different scenarios that you can unlock through the initial campaign.

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