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 - Jet Car Stunts, TrueAxis, Racing, iPhone, iPod Touch
The iPhone / iPod Touch seems to be very well served when it comes to racing games. RealRacing has set the standard so high that it takes something a little bit quirky and different to catch my eye. Step forward Jet Car Stunts which is part racer, part platform game, part time challenge but all about speed, skill and shedloads of nitrous.

First off, the game doesn't try to get too fussy graphically. Simple blocks and tracks with a simple main car design ensure that the whole thing runs stupendously fast and as smooth as butter. With gameplay reminiscent of PSP and PS3 classic GripShift, Jet Car Stunts has enough tricks of its own up its capacious sleeves to make it worth the outlay (Current price at the time this article was published is 1.19 on the UK Apps store though that'll vary region by region).

The game is essentially split into two modes - platform and time trials with each mode offering a set of tracks and challenges across 5 difficulty levels ranging from "I'm a complete pushover" to "I'm Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button's ugly love-child".

The action takes place on suspended trackways, some with crash barriers to stop poor little noobs hurtling into space - and some without, which make staying on the road all the more challenging. On-screen virtual buttons are used to control your little red racing car, and for once these aren't actually too obtrusive or clunky to use (though left-handers might have a few problems and seemingly aren't catered for either, though you could say that about the vast majority of iPhone / iPod Touch games).

In platform mode, the idea is to complete each track by blasting through checkpoints as quickly as possible with the minimum number of retries. Every time you fall off the track, get stuck in the scenery or flip your car you have to hit the retry button. Gold medals are only awarded for those who successfully navigate a track without making a pig's ear of it.

Time Trail / Checkpoint mode gives you a set number of laps and a "Par" time to beat in order to win a gold, silver or bronze medal. Again, the quicker you can drive and the less retries you use, the more successful you'll be.

Obstacles and ramps mix up the track designs nicely, and liberal use of the car's nitrous button to jet-propel yourself over huge gaps in the track will be required. The car also has a handbrake button which doubles as a button to flip out your car's wings when in mid-air. Hit the button as you leap a gap and you'll stay airborne a while longer. Mis-time things and you're in for a long fall into oblivion.

Jet Car Stunts is nicely priced and easy to control. With network support for online bragging rights for your best times in either mode, the game has plenty of polish applied. It can be a little repetitive once you've seen a few of the more dastardly track designs, but if you're after something a little more arcadey race-game wise, this is certainly a title that suits the platform superbly.

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