Kaptain-Brawe:-A-Brawe-New-World--iOS-Review Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World iOS Review

   20/12/2011 at 17:50       Drew Bower       1 COMMENTS. - Score 4/5
 - Cateia Games, G5 Entertainment, iPhone, Space Adventure, Point and Click

If we all had to make a list of fantasy jobs, captain of a spaceship would surely make it onto most people’s lists. Being the captain of a spaceship in the 19th century might however be a job best left to Kaptain Brawe (pronounced Brave). The brawe, I mean brave Kaptain stumbles upon a mystery of two missing scientists and an underlying conspiracy to uncover using only your wits and the items at hand.

The game begins aboard your spaceship which, as with all the other areas, features beautifully hand drawn backgrounds. Exploring your surroundings is as simple as tapping an area to move or inspect. Handily, a button located in the lower right corner instantly highlights all interactive objects and areas. Although purists will probably want to avoid using such nefarious methods, for those wanting a more relaxed experience it’s a nice addition. Your inventory button is in the bottom left with options in the top left and finally the hint button is in the top right. This layout helps to limit any screen clutter whilst still giving quick access to menus.

In a slightly unexpected twist, a lot of the puzzles actually seem quite logical in their solutions. Without wanting to give too much away, I don’t recall too many instances where I thought “by Jove, what a novel way of using a cork”. As such, you hardly ever feel like resorting to pure trial and error of combining every object in your inventory.

Depending on your viewpoint on the subject, the fact that there is no voice acting will be a welcome relief or come as a disappointment. However, the script more than makes up for any loss of audible voices, which is humorous and very witty. Text is displayed in bite-sized chunks and can be read at your own pace by tapping the screen to continue.

As the story progresses, a further two characters are introduced and become playable. This opens up puzzles where you need to switch between the characters (or order them around) in order to solve them. My only real criticism comes with perhaps a little too much toing and froing between the screens in order to collect items or activate part of a puzzle. This is especially so when re-entering the spaceship which also requires an extra loading screen. It’s only a mild issue though and I’m sure sharper adventurers than me will find their way around much more efficiently.

The game is spread over 4 different locations and encompasses over 40 different screens. It shouldn’t take loads of time to complete, but for however long it does last will be time well spent.

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