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Bulky Pix, developers of highly rated releases Babel Rising and Saving Private Sheep, have released news on their two latest games.

First up is Undead: The Last Refuge. The game is a single player survival zombie shooter with heavy hints towards a FPS style Resident Evil. You find yourself barricaded in a house surrounded by zombies trying to break in through the windows. Naturally, the only way to survive is by gunning them down as fast as you can. Killing zombies earns you money which enables you to purchase weapon upgrades from a pistol, shotgun and machine gun.

As with most games of this ambition, a lot will hinge on how well the controls are implemented. If Undead: The Last Refuge can deliver a good control system, this should turn out to be a highly impressive game.

The second game on Bulky Pix’s agenda is Pix’n Love Rush, which as been developed with Pastagames. The game is a ‘game and watch’ styled platformer that simply sees you running/jumping left and right collecting coins, whilst shooting enemies. There are 125 levels with 7 different ‘skins’ as well as an Infinity mode.

The game looks fantastic with the classic LCD screen graphics really well recreated as well as more colourful representations.

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