Letters-From-Nowhere-2--iOS-Review Letters From Nowhere 2 iOS Review

   23/06/2012 at 11:12       Drew Bower       1 COMMENTS. - Score 3/5
 - G5 Entertainment, Awem Studio, Hidden Object, Casual, Puzzle

Oh heck, where did I put that magnifying glass? Ah, here it is cunningly hidden overlaying a clock face on the mantelpiece. Good job I found it too, as G5 Entertainment are back with yet another hidden object game, this time with the sequel to Letters from Nowhere.

At the end of the original game, Audrey had collected the letters with help from the dead postman. But instead of leading Audrey to her missing husband’s whereabouts (and with all night bender well and truly ruled out by now), she instead finds herself in a mysterious sleepy town.  Here she must locate amongst many other things diary pages as she uncovers the history of hubby’s family tree and ultimately save him from imminent death. Not to mention get home and make his tea.

As with pretty much all HOG games, the controls consist of pinching to zoom in and out and tapping on objects to uncover them. The story is split into chapters with a various number of screens to visit in each. Initially only a portion of the locations are available with further levels opening up once you’ve uncovered more of the story. You can leap into any of the locations at any time and you’re free to leave and come back if you’re struggling to locate any objects.

To inject a little extra into the item seeking, once again four bonus items can be purchased to assist you. Points are earned by finding items quickly and without jabbing at something shiny that isn’t on your list. Once you have acquired enough points, the four items to purchase are a thermometer that heats up the closer you drag it towards a hidden object, a Jack-in-the-box worth extra bonus points, a camera that will flash and briefly illuminate six objects and finally an artists’ palette that turns your text object list into pictures. Purchasing a bonus item inserts it into all currently available locations and must then be found to activate.

Also hidden amongst the scenery at every location are three picture stamps and a black cat. Finding these gives you even more bonus points as well as opening up an unlimited game mode. My one little gripe here is that there is no marker to show if you’ve found the black cat or not at a location. Because you visit scenes on more than one occasion, it’s easy to miss one but forget where.

Each chapter features a mini game puzzle that helps to break up the otherwise constant object seeking. Through each chapter you will find a certain key object that upon the game’s ending are utilised in a nice way to help further tell the story.

The one problem with Letters from Nowhere 2 is that it’s almost identical in every way shape and form to the original albeit with new locations. Sure, you can say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but sadly we have same problem of it not being massively engaging to play. If ever you could term a game ‘solid’ then this is it. It’s solid – there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s nothing particularly special either. The addition of an unlockable unlimited mode where you have to find all 50 items, stamps and cat on each scene as quickly as possible is a nice and welcome addition. And of course, if you enjoyed LFN 1 then you’ll enjoy this all the same. If you fancy picking up a HOG then again, you’ll have no complaints for playing, but it still just lacks a bit of sparkle to make it stand out.

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