Now-Supernanny-lays-the-blame-for-the-UK-Riots-at-gaming's-door... Now Supernanny lays the blame for the UK Riots at gaming's door...

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 - Jo Frost, Extreme Parenting, Anti video game, Violence, Rioting

(Sigh). Not so super after all. 

Leading child specialist Jo "Supernanny" Frost has offered up her own theories on what caused the recent spate of rioting and looting in various cities around the country. 

Speaking to The Daily Express, Frost said "I felt for a moment as if we had stumbled into a real-life violent video game of the kind that so many of those involved are addicted to."

Frost has previously stuck a stilletto-ed boot into gaming on several occasions, but this latest outburst carried on: "Research shows that within 15 minutes of playing one of these games young men become highly aggressive and lack empathy in normal situations. It is not too fanciful to suggest it's a short step from being immersed in this war-like world to taking that nightmare mindset on to the streets with all the consequences of anarchy and violence we saw rip apart cities."

Good ol' research, there's nothing like it is there. Though Frost didn't specifically mention the body carrying out the research, any actual numbers involved or statistics. But it's research, nonetheless. 

Frost then disclosed her own unique solution to the problem. 

"Those horrific video games which I mentioned earlier must be brought under control. Their content should be subject to censorship and the age at which they can be bought tightly controlled," she writes. "Shopkeepers should demand proof of age and where they ignore this and break the law by selling them to children they should be fined."

Frost then went on to mention her upcoming series, Extreme Parenting (otherwise known as "Get a dose of common sense you stupid mongs") soon to air on Channel 4. 

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