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 - PS4, Action, RPG, PC

Review by Ashley Fiddes.


Omensight, from spearhead games makers of Stories: Path of Destinies, is an action/murder mystery game in which you, the harbinger, must solve the murder of the godless priestess and save the world.  You appear suddenly on the morning of the apocalypse and find yourself experiencing a war between the Pygarians and the Rodentians.  As you progress through the path laid out in front of you, you witness, first the reveal of the death of a Warrior bear named Ludomir and then the dying breath of a cat General called Drega. Upon examining them you bind yourselves to their souls before being caught up in the destruction of Urralia. Luckily for you, a witch can warp you to a hub world, here she explains that the godless priestess Vera was murdered, and this was the catalyst to bring about the end of the world.  The Harbinger’s task is to then find out who murdered Vera and in doing so prevent the apocalypse.

In order to do this, you must ally yourselves with the fallen heroes you bonded with, by selecting any one of them in the hub world you are able to warp to the beginning of their last day and aid them in carrying out that days tasks. By following your companions, you can learn about their motivations, and start to piece together how they are all tied into the mystery of the godless priestess death.

Each day is split out into 4 sections, early morning – where you introduce yourself to your chosen companion, mid-morning where you follow the first area of the day, afternoon – where you are led through the second area and then evening which ends with the world being destroyed and you being warped back to the hub world where you can level up, purchase upgrades such as health and weapon damage and pick which one of your companions you wished to follow next.  Eventually, as you progress through the story, the two companions expand to four and you begin to get a greater sense of the events that transpired.  

As you progress through a companion’s day you may come across an omensight, a memory of the from when godless priestess was murdered, this ends the chapter you are on and moves the main story forward.  The next time you start, you share this omensight with your chosen companion causing them to change what they do that day.  With only four companions and four areas, you find yourself running the same areas repeatedly but instead of getting stale, you find changes to the way enemies/allies react to you and open new branching paths.  Additionally, during the days you will find doors that are locked with coloured seals, by learning how to unlock them (watching your companion do so) you are able to open them the next time you are tasked with entering the area allowing you to find new memories (collectables of which there are 24 each give a snippet of information on your allies/enemies) or even new paths to the objective. Additionally, each run through of the day allows you and the hero you are following to delve deeper into the mystery, which unlocks a part of the clue board. By the end of the game, I was actively trying to avoid the path that would move the story forward to spend more time with these characters and further my knowledge of the world. 

One of the most heart-breaking parts of the game happens during the loading screen which shows each of the characters you have bonded with as they carry out their set path, which means as you follow one of them, you witness the other three repeat the same mistakes repeatedly leading to their deaths.  

As you progress through the areas you find yourself facing enemies from all factions, depending on your companion, and this is where the harbingers skills as a warrior are tested.  Combat is very simple with three button combos consisting of light or heavy attacks with a dodge that cancels any queued inputs and allows you to avoid enemy’s attacks, and avoid enemies attacks you will want to do as you will find yourself with no health quickly and often if you do not pay attention even on balanced mode.  Thankfully, as you level up you gain access to additional skills such as a move that slows down enemies inside of an area of effect, a dash that eventually damages all who enter and the ability to pick up and throw enemies and objects.  Additionally, your companions each give you access to a special move that they can use to assist you.  With little in enemy variety (unsurprising as you are repeating the same 12 hours) it falls upon the change in dynamics depending on who you are with to keep from getting stale, with enemies that would attack you on sight when fighting alongside the bear, actively saluting you when following the same path with the cat.  

I really enjoyed my time with Omensight and actively worked towards extending it as often as possible, which led me to one of only three complaints (the other two being occasional issues with the fixed camera firstly, not showing enemies that were too far forward making it difficult to avoid some attacks and secondly, making it just a little too difficult to time jumps and falling to my death – this happened far too often) being that I unfortunately missed certain paths as I accidently hit the critical path early and as such was locked out of any of the remaining paths in that act.  

Omensight is a game that lives or dies on its story and after a slightly generic opening, it finds its footing with four genuinely interesting characters who each react to the events that transpire differently but ultimately all wish to help in any way they can.  With shallow but ultimately fun combat and interesting secrets (memories) to collect, I would not hesitate to recommend this game to anyone and everyone.

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