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   16/12/2013 at 19:20       Phil May       3 COMMENTS. - Score 4/5
 - Rymdkapsel, iPhone Game, Strategy, PlayStation Mini, Multiformat

It's taken me probably the better part of a fortnight to get the name "Rymdkapsel" into my head with enough clarity to be able to recommend it to people. Despite the weird name, the game is a sublime pocket-sized PS Vita and Mobile title that's part puzzler, part real time strategy game and part 80s discotheque.

Set in the inky stygian void of space, Rymdkapsel gives the player a tiny platform to start out from, and a whole bunch of room types to build. With one or two minions at the outset, the task at hand is to build a big enough complex to make good use of local energy sources (solar and gaseous), explore mysterious installations (complete with monoliths to research), and avoid being blasted into smithereens by the local alien inhabitants - who don't take too kindly to being invaded.

Though this game looks like it wouldn't cause a ZX Spectrum to break sweat (programming challenge to those with infinite amounts of disposable time, make this work on a Speccy!), it's subtly sophisticated enough to swiftly become addictive. Each room is given to you as a tetris-piece-style shape, so the challenge is to build a complex where your minions can get easily from A to B, set up defensive perimeters effectively (protecting other worker minions and installations), and explore the surroundings while surviving each wave of attackers.

On Vita, using the touch screen controls, this works really well (though a slip of the thumb while choosing which tasks you want your minions to perform, between building, research, food preparation and defense can be a bit tricky at times.

Playing its minimalist cards pretty close to its chest, Rymdkapsel is brilliant pick-up-and-play strategy that's perfect for a bit of strategic fun between bus stops while commuting. Definitely one of the best of the recent crop of PS minis, and it's also available on iThing and Androdge too.

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