Scoreloop set to revolutionise Social gaming on iPhone?

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How many friends do you have with iPhones?

Fancy hooking up with them for some social gaming?

3rd party community gaming framework developers Scoreloop have announced the official specs and developer details for their upcoming iPhone social gaming framework. Scoreloop Community will give iPhone gamers the chance to become part of a thriving group of like-minded gamers, using the Scoreloop stats tracking and game interaction framework to set up multiplayer games, keep an eye on people's scores and generally interact with each other in a way that you have previously only seen on "big and proper" consoles such as the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

The new mobile social gaming platform features both web and iPhone interactivity, with new challenges and score tables pushed out to Scoreloop-enabled games.

The following features will be available to iPhone game developers using the Software Development Kit:

1) Discover & Browse - All Scoreloop-enabled games, their high score lists and challenges are now more visible to players. Scoreloop Community for the iPhone also acts as a central gaming launch pad for launching Scoreloop enabled games and switching back and forth between the community and games.

2) Scoreloop Promote - Now players can view the games that are played by others and access them directly on the iTunes App Store.

3) Friends Activities - Scoreloop keeps players up to date with what their friends are playing and more importantly, how they're scoring!

4) Scoreloop Avatar Editor - Players can create and save custom avatars changing them as frequently as they wish.

5) Web Widgets - With a single click, developers and publishers add customizable online high score lists to their own web sites, extending the community reach even further.

The Scoreloop Community Framework on the iPhone fully implements iPhone push notifications for Scoreloop challenges. Whenever players are challenged or when their game challenges are accepted they will be directly notified through text like messages, badges and sound alerts.

This brings the social interaction in gaming even closer to the players and makes playing a Scoreloop enabled game even more addictive.

"After pioneering player challenges, Scoreloop is again raising the level of play for game developers with its cross platform community," said Scoreloop's CEO, Marc Gumpinger. "We're providing the most sophisticated and complete mobile social gaming platform making gaming more fun and allowing our developer 'partners' to increase their user base virally through friend invitations and more. Scoreloop doesn't create games, but instead we partner with game developers to move the market forward together."

With its free, easy to implement and modular Software Development Kit, Scoreloop is the only platform offering online high scores and player challenges available today for any game on the iPhone and iPod touch from OS 2.0 to 3.x. At the core of its mobile social gaming approach, Scoreloop's challenges allow players to interact with each other on an entertaining and thrilling level.

Players instantly see their high score ranking and can challenge anyone, including buddies in their address book or on Facebook. Scoreloop's comparison algorithm makes sure players compete against someone at a similar skill level. If the player performs well, they win medals and Coins that show their skills to opponents. These features increase the game's value, "virally" spread games and increase user loyalty.

Scoreloop generates revenues from its micro-transaction infrastructure, shared with game developers and publishers. Scoreloop offers its technology free of charge and even allows for monetizing free games.

With hundreds of developers already registered, Scoreloop-enabled games continue to proliferate at the Apple iTunes App Store including titles like Aeio, Bug Landing, Flying, GeoRain, Monster Mash, Orb, Sorty, Submarine, Zombie Pub Crawl and 50 more game commitments from third party developers. More titles are added on a daily basis.

"We definitely will be integrating Scoreloop into all of our upcoming games," said Bruce Johnson of Orange Crane Games who implemented Scoreloop in Zombie Pub Crawl. "Our staff are addicted to Scoreloop challenges," added Stephen Northcott from Ginetix, who implemented Scoreloop in the game "Orb".

With its new community platform on the Web, on Facebook and on the iPhone, Scoreloop extends its unparalleled online high score and player challenge features to reach even more players and generate even more visibility for Scoreloop enabled games.

To find out more about Scoreloop Community go to The Scoreloop Community Web Page and to download the free SDK go to the main Scoreloop Website.
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