Website that pretended to shut down actually didn't

   22/09/2010 at 17:51       Joe       3 COMMENTS.
Source - PC Gamer

A website who pretended to close down has actually confirmed that it isn't closing down and that it did it for cheap promotion. I don't want to add to their ridiculous idea of cheap marketing, so I'm going to call them BOB. BOB stands for Bucket Of Bullshit.

A BOB spokesman said "As a small company we don’t have a huge marketing budget and this why we could not miss a chance to generate some buzz around an event as big as launching a brand new version of our website and even more important, bringing back Baldur’s Gate to life! We believe this title was extremely expected by all our users and PC gamers in general. It would have made no sense to announce it in a typical plain corporate way."*

Except announcing it in a typical plain corporate way would actually have made sense. Seeing as Baldur's Gate is yonks old, available easily via eBay/Amazon and very cheaply (it's actually cheaper to buy the first game, the sequel and the expansion packs than BOB are trying to charge for just the first game alone, and for that you also get the box to put on your shelf), and that it's not actually the second coming of Christ as you seem to think it is.

Announcing it by doing a faux closure of your company was pretty special. And not special in a good way. Special in a straight off the Sun Bus and dribbling way.

(*this quote is a snippet from the PC Gamer interview. If you want to read more, head over to PC Gamer's website).

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