Why Joe Danger belongs on the 3nd Place...

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The world may have wondered why HelloGames chose the PS3 to be the first platform for their upcoming shiny blue-sky-biker game Joe Danger, but when you consider its stablemates, it was probably a wise choice.

With the game's emphasis on fun, and the built in level editing tools, Joe Danger is a perfect ambassador for Sony's idea of community-based "Play, Create, Share" gaming.

Though we seldom see titles that actively encourage players to create content and put it up on the net for general consumption, the biggies like LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers happen to live on Sony's shiny console. Add Joe Danger to the mix and suddenly other platforms have some catching up to do with well supported community based gaming.

I'm sure in the great scheme of things, HelloGames are eyeing up other platforms but for now, it's one more reason to crack open your wallet and make 2010 the year you stop pissing about and pick up a PS3.

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Syrok - on 05/03/2010 at 15:51 wrote:
I for one welcome any and all community reliant creative games. Especially when they are also on PS3. ^,^

NewYork - on 05/03/2010 at 16:06 wrote:
My, that's colourful!

peej - on 05/03/2010 at 16:14 wrote:
Me too Sy. Looking forward to blatting around with a few of you PS3ers in this.

Loved that last image I had to add it twice :)

Syrok - on 05/03/2010 at 16:28 wrote:
Maybe they send you a review code if you ask nicely, peej. :)

NewYork - on 05/03/2010 at 16:30 wrote:
Hehe, "and so on" :D

peej - on 05/03/2010 at 16:36 wrote:
That last image has knackered a lot of site's review taglines in one foul swoop though.

Sy, I wish! I don't think we're quite "comfy" enough with Sony to get PSN codes for everything. The Peggle one came straight from Popcap's PR.

Kay - on 05/03/2010 at 23:13 wrote:
Heh, that last image is great. Really hope this makes it to the 360, somehow.

Btw, '3nd' - intentional? :)

Tiger_Walts - on 06/03/2010 at 00:08 wrote:
OH MY GOD! The the SDF have brainwashed Peej!

No, really. It reads like a section from a Sony press release.

The fact that I don't have a PS3 and really want this game has, of course, no influence on why I bring this to everyone's attention.

DDevil - on 06/03/2010 at 00:52 wrote:

peej - on 08/03/2010 at 08:52 wrote:
Btw, '3nd' - intentional? :)

Yep fully, there was a bug in the demo shown off at the EG thing where players coming in 3rd were labelled as coming in "3nd" - it's become a bit of a hellogames inside joke :)

It DOES read a bit like a Sony press release, looking back at it - but I do think that you're more likely to find this type of title on the PS3 than on the 360 (perhaps also on the PC where people have got a bit more patience and don't mind putting together community-based stuff, see the wealth of Trackmania stuff on offer f'r instance).

I probably know all the wrong people but the majority of 360 titles featuring any sort of community based content sharing seem to have that bit largely ignored by most players. Some embrace it fully (like with the Forza 3 stuff) but others just can't seem to bother their arse. Looking at the amount of people on my friends list who've got Trials HD but haven't done anything with the community track editor, that's sort of where the story came from.

Oh and it was a vain attempt to catch Hellogames' eye. But they only play with the big boys.

Syrok - on 08/03/2010 at 09:00 wrote:
They retweeted it though. :)

peej - on 08/03/2010 at 09:12 wrote:
They did? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCk missed it!

Ahh bless 'em so they did.

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