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 - Wolfenstein 3d, id Software
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Wolfenstein 3D is a classic example of how games used to create a feeling that I rarely get when playing a game these days. Whilst games are moving more and more towards making sure the graphics are lifelike and creative, there's something comfortable about playing a game where the only thing that's going to make you want to play it is how well it plays instead of looking at the sparkly things.

The original Wolfy 3D was always my favourite in the series and, other than Doom 2, remains my favourite iD game to date. The conversion to the iPhone and iPod Touch has been handled brilliantly and manages to retain what was good about the original.

Graphically everything is perfectly smooth, as you would hope; sound quality is very high and it's almost impossible to tell if there's any difference in either of these areas over the PC original. Given the power of the device is far better than the orignial was aimed at, this is not a surprise but it's good to see iD giving the conversion the effort it deserves.

The game doesn't allow you to save at any point but what it does do is let you suspend play for you to carry on when you have a spare few minutes. This could get frustrating if you're very bad at it or if you come across a particularly difficult area, luckily most levels are short and as long as you're careful then it isn't a problem that should put anyone off buying the game.

The controls take a little getting used to - they are much the same as other similar games already available. You get a number of options on how to control it including using tilt controls and reconfiguring where on the screen you press to move and shoot - strafe/rotate by using one thumb or split it into two 'buttons'. It isn't as easy as you would be used to with a keyboard or traditional controller but within a couple of levels you'll rarely run into a wall without meaning too.

This is an excellent conversion and one of the best games I've played on the iPhone/iPod Touch and it's very hard to find any fault at all: it is perfect for short plays and extended sessions alike. This sort of thing should only be encouraged and it's great to see the big boys joining the App store, hopefully with many more on the way.

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