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OK, forgive my unbridalded excitement but Treyarch just released the first official trailer for the multiplayer element of its November-bound Call of Duty: Black Ops.

And for such a short trailer there's plenty to take in.

First of all, it's apparent that the emblems and titles first introduced in MW2 have been carried over - which I heartily approve of as it pushes all my OCD/COD buttons.

So too have the killstreaks rewards, up to 5 in this trailer, but no doubt there's a whole host of other new additions. One excellent looking new reward is a remote controlled explosive buggy that can be detonated at will.

We can see from stopping and pausing this trailer more times than is good for us that 3 kills gets you the explosive remote control car, 4 kills earns you a care package, 5 kills a Predator missile of some sort while there's also a helicopter in there which experience tells us will be unlocked after 7 kills. Expect a repeat showing of the hardline perk which lets you earn killstreaks earlier than you would normally.

There's an also another interesting new addition by way of the infra red camera spike which can be positioned in the ground, and which relays whatever it sees to your HUD, an addition that will no doubt come in extremely useful for tactical squad based games.

Another funky new addition is the crossbow with explosive tip which can be fired into an enemy and explodes after a short delay - expect XP bonuses for kills with this no-doubt difficult-to-use weapon.

There's also a ballistic knife which may be identical to the tactical knife from Modern Warfare 2 or could be something new altogether, at this point we have no idea but our idle imagination is running riot right now.

Best of all though, there's a replay video editor that lets you capture and export videos of your best moments and no doubt upload them to YouTube.

I'm officially hard. Treyarch has promised a full multiplayer reveal in September. I can't wait.


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