Virtua Tennis 3

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Anyone played this yet?

It's ace. Not hugely different form the first PSP VT, but great fun none the less.

ATtention to detail is pretty impressive, and the game runs very well - seems like a solid 60fps to me.

Only downside so far, is the lack of online multi player.

Still, good for shits though.

#1 at 11:47:29 - 27/03/2007
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I was very disappointed at first, as not only did it seem too similar to the first game, but also a little worse in some respects. Textures look a bit rougher and sometimes there's an annoying pause just before the CPU takes a shot (WT didn't have that). I tried WT again and actually thought that was the better game.

It's a shame that Sega have stuck with the same World Tour mode as well, although it does seem to have been enhanced slightly and is a definite improvement over the first game. That alone may be a good reason for people to go for this rather than the cheaper WT.

One thing, though - the background music is as awful as ever, except this time if you turn it off then there's no music in the menus as well. Pretty small but stupid oversight there.

#2 at 11:57:31 - 27/03/2007