Last gen consoles to DVI/VGA

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papa rabbit
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How do lads,

I'll soon be without a tele, so I'm really hoping there's a way to hook up RGB-out consoles to my DVI / VGA input monitor. GameStation and CEX haven't been able to help but surely there's some kind of way to convert the output?

It would be quite nice to connect my PS2, DC, GC, and my wife-to-be's N64 up to a nice 19" monitor. The monitor's widescreen though, is this going to cause additional problems even if we do manage to get an adapter of some sort?

I'd just about got used to SCART, and this is confusing me a bit!
#1 at 00:15:48 - 06/07/2007
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Dreamcast already has a VGA option, you just have to find it to buy.

As for the others... from what I've heard, all the video > VGA boxes are, well, shit. Unless you want to spend a small fortune.

The only last-gen machines I've been letting anywhere near a monitor / HDTV are the Xbox & PS2, since they both have Component video as an option. US Gamecubes had that, too, but I think ti was taken out for the PAL teritories :/
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Don't know about component on the PAL Cube but it did lose S-video so it could support RGB.

I've got a convertor for my PS2/Xbox, it's ok but I wouldn't want to use it long term and as for the DC, as Retroid says, it had native support with the right connector box. Great quality it was too but some games, such as PAL conversions of things will not work with it.
#3 at 01:04:09 - 06/07/2007