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Mr J
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A friend has recently put out for download a new mobile app for reading game reviews and news on your mobile.

Thought I would put up the details here as we (I provide some of the articles) would appreciate any support and constructive crticism you guys might have.

An article with some info here

And you can download the app here

I know i am biased but i have to say i quite like it, the interface is nice and clean and it's been running nice and quick on my N73.
#1 at 17:39:12 - 28/08/2007
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The layout looks good - simple, clear and clean. Just what you need when on the go and the short reviews are pretty decent.

I won't download it because I hate mobile phones and would be unlikely to get any use out of it but it's certainly worth a look.
#2 at 19:44:17 - 28/08/2007