Star Ocean First Departure

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How the hell it doesn't exist any thread about this?

Anyway, only a few days until this its stores. I'm really interested in this 2.

In Eurogamer

Square Enix plans to launch Star Ocean: First Departure on 24th October.

This PSP remake will mark the first time the original SNES Star Ocean story has been told outside of Japan.

And better technology means a revised game engine and better battle system, as well as fully voiced and animated cut-scenes. Voice acting - we should try that. No I will not stop mentioning it.

Star Ocean is an RPG made by Japanese outfit tri-Ace, which is hard at work on a fourth game in the series for Xbox 360 next year.

The developer is also remaking Star Ocean 2 (Second Evolution) for PSP, although no date has been mentioned outside of Japan.

Any chance of a preview or a review from our Japanese correspondents? ;_;
#1 at 00:14:44 - 07/10/2008
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Well, I've just finished Infinite Undiscovery, another tri-Ace game, and it's pretty damn average for the most part, though in places it wanders over the line into "just plain annoying" territory. Not optimistic, sorry.
#2 at 00:31:20 - 07/10/2008
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Tri-Ace also did the Valkyrie Profile games, which are much better than Infinite Undiscovery appears to be while remaining an acquired taste.

I've got my eye on this, but don't expect to get round to playing it for a while. Still owe AATG a Dragon Quest feature... :(
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Not that I like to "big up" the "other place" on here, but a few of us are planning a complete replay + discussion thread of the Star Ocean series gearing up for number 4 next year, and starting with the first one since there is the release.

As someone who has played the game on the SNES (haven't bought the JP edition of the PSP version), I can tell you that it's excellent, as are the two sequels.
#4 at 02:39:03 - 07/10/2008