MAG (Massive Action Game)

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A quick preview.

Got in on the beta for this...downloaded the beta. Fired the beta up excitedly. Beta downloads another 3.2gb as an update and won't do it in the background.

/golf claps.

So to summarise, MAG may be the best game in the universe ever, but I'll probably not find out until there's a boxed versh available and even then if the update is 3.2gb, it ain't 'appenin' baby.
#1 at 13:21:32 - 12/10/2009
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Picked this up for 6, as I've really been enjoying the new Socom, also by Zipper. It's got a very active community. Unfortunately, about 80% of them appear to be cunts.

Been a while since I was called a nigger online. Never seen such atrocious spawn camping. The whole interface is utterly counter-intuitive.

And yet I pissed away two hours on it - keen to wait for it to "get good". I really want to get to grips with it, but it seems to hate new players. Zipper haven't got a fucking clue how to do unlocks/upgrades or programme netcode for decent balancing.
#2 at 01:25:35 - 09/06/2011