Demon's Souls

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I think Demon's Souls is like riding a bicycle; once you know how to do it you never forget it. I took a long break from it after I got stuck at one point as well, and then, when I got back to it many month later, I managed to beat the last few chapters within a few days.

Hopefully this will work for Dark Souls as well. I haven't played it since before Christmas and only got up the point where you fight a giant butterfly.
#121 at 23:05:56 - 10/02/2013
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I think Dark Souls helped me to get it, and only then after some prodding and help in the EG Dark Souls thread, 'cos I'd given up at a certain point too. Some more prodding as helped me through Latria.

I think part of the problem with these games is that you get it into the head that the game really is too hard and that it'll beat you, when it's really just a game like any other, and the big bosses are no harder to beat than any Bowser. No more than patience is enough to do it. And, errr, -cough- parry.
#122 at 23:48:35 - 10/02/2013