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Trip SkyWay
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I found a link to FlashDevelop over the weekend whilst trying to figure out a problem I was having with font embedding in CS3. It, when combined with the free Adobe Flex SDK, is a free flash/flex development environment/compiler with a far better code interface than what I'm used to in CS3. It's got auto complete and code hints for classes you make yourself, along with a nice project interface. It feels quite a bit like Visual Studio.

You still need a copy of flash if you want to make animated .swfs for projects, particularly with vectors.

If your doing any coding in the now pretty old CS3 I'd recommend giving it a look. I don;'t know if CS4 is better for coding but I can't afford that right now, and CS5 must be on it's way soonish.
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Still working on CS3 meself because this lot are too tight to pony up for CS4 just yet. Pity, I use flash a lot (mainly as a drawing tool rather than getting busy with hard coding). This looks good though, top link.
#2 at 10:33:58 - 17/11/2009