Americans buying English football clubs

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Is this a bad trend?

I watched the Super Bowl to the end (without nodding off) the other night and didn't like the presentation ceremony. The trophy was presented to a suit, rather than a player. It was the club owner, who went on about God and about 'the organisation' - a lot. So, no 'team' or 'players', but the organisation instead. All those illegal immigrant cleaners etc on poverty wages must have been thrilled to know they were part of that organisation. Anyway. Next up - the coach. God this God that Zzzzzz. At last - a player! The QB said little, probably recognising how small his contribution was to winning the SuperBowl, when compared to the organisation. But what's this? A 'Most Valuable Player' (MVP) award! This goes to the most senior player who would look best on a Disney channel - a win for the QB, rather than the most valuable player (a scary-looking black dude, who would frighten WASPy children). Queue a long shot of a dumb-ugly car, presented to the MVP by the a sponsor. Finally, the trophy gets passed down to the lowly players, who were slumming it behind the press and hangers-on.

To borrow from Amy, what kind of fuckery is this? Football (soccer) players are recognised as being the ones who bring home the bacon for the clubs, which is why they're paid in kind. American Football players seem to come way down the pecking order.

Can you imagine a future where the FA cup (or perhaps the "Colgate Super-smile whitening toothpaste cup" or somesuch) is presented to a club owner, who gives a speech followed by a manager/coach who gives a speech followed by the team captain who mumbles some inanities before the rest of the team get to touch the cup, by which time TV has gone to adverts? Yuk
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